My next step…

England is getting way to expensive, with this cost of living crisis. sucks for British people; they can’t even migrate to the EU. Luckily I have a french passport yay me! I did what any reasonable person would do… get a one way ticket to Barcelona! 32 hours before I fly and there’s soo many things that I need to do! You would have thought packing my stuff to go in an attic would be on the top of my list right? Nope I’ve had a private fashion show deciding what outfits I will be wearing, you got to look fabulous darling!

I’ve said goobye to my favorite spot; Cley hill. Isn’t it nuts, I’ve only been there three times! Why don’t we do more of the things we love?

And of course I can’t forget being a Pirate; creating an elaborate treasure hunt, where one clue leads to another riddle, and another… until you find the treasure! Ayeee only a pure heart can crack the codes! The best part is that when I eventually come back to Frome, I will have forgotten. and my past clues will guide me.

That’s all for now folks! Hope that made you smile, almost like getting a letter from me 🙂 Subscribe so you don’t miss one of my random blog posts!


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