My Guilty Pleasures…

Shine your light


The title is just to Hook you in.

I don’t AAActually feel Guilty.

About Anything.

Sadly some humans,

Set Expectations,

For themselves,

Feel Guilt,

When they like something they’re not “supposed to like.”

I call Ball Shit!

I’m sure we’ve been Subliminally Indoctrinated by Religion.

To stay away from things we Love.

“Enjoy Yourself, but don’t enjoy yourself too much. Remember God is always watching, and he’ll punish you in the after life.”

I tangent off so easily! Lepooonn…

Guilty Pleasures That Should just be called Pleasures.

You’re the Voice by John Farnham

Turn this anthem up full blast! Can’t help but smile hearing this.

“You’re the Voice. Try to understand it. Make a noise and make it clear”

Inspiring Activism and Expression.

We’re living in a reality where we can express ourselves.

So Paint About it!

Shout about it!

Write about it!

Personally I love shouting “We can Write what we want to Write”

I get a bit emotional when the bagpipes come in.

How does this song make you feel? Let me know!

I can’t enter more YouTube videos!

So I’ll do separate posts for each song.

City Covered In Art

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